In-Art is a place for conversation.

Post your art for people to talk about,

and talk about art that you love.


In-Art wants to promote the discussion of artdesignaesthetics, and visual culture. Here’s how to participate:


Start a Conversation

There are four types of conversations you can start: Questions, Quotes, Interpretations, and Articles. Each conversation starter you create can include one image. After you start a conversation, you will receive email notifications each time someone comments. 

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Post Your Art

If you are an artist or designer, there are many creative ways to start a conversation around your work. Once you make a post, In-Art will feature it on our social media accounts, including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t forget to include in your post links to your website, portfolio, or social media account so people can follow you. There is no fee and there is no limit to the number of posts you can make. Just follow the rules by posting your art in a way that starts a conversation.

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Rules and Guidelines for Artists



Talk About Art

Each post on the home page is a Conversation Starter. These take the form of Questions, Quotes, Interpretations, and Articles. Click on a post, read the conversation starter, and add a comment using the comment form. You can also comment on other users’ comments and start discussion threads. 


Review the  Rules and Guidelines before posting. By posting content, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service.