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Frida Kahlo

“I am my own muse.” Photo Credit: Damijan Fric (website) Read More

Brad Bird

“…animation is not a genre. It is a method of storytelling. People are constantly analyzing it and misanalysing it as if it is a genre. It isn’t a genre. It can do horror films, it can do adult comedies if it wanted to, it could do fairy tales, it could do science fiction, it could do musicals, Read More

3D Pedestrian Crossing, Iceland

Review of: “Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars” by Stella (Bored Panda) Image Credit: Gusti Productions This is an interesting idea. I assume that the 3D zebra crosswalk is intended to integrate the mental effects of a standard crosswalk and a road block on drivers in the sense that Read More

Nathaniel Hornsby

Selfies and Self Portraits

What is the difference between a selfie and a self portrait?   Image Credit: Nathaniel Hornsby (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) Read More


Where did Inktober come from? How did it start? Image Credit: Dan Vazco (Instagram) Read More