Rules and Guidelines


When posting artworks online, always give credit to the artist. In your post, include the artist and title of the artwork. If an artwork is untitled, put ‘Untitled;’ if the artist is unknown, put ‘Unknown.’

What to include in an artwork’s citation:

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Website or URL of Digital Image
  • Other helpful information (date, materials, dimensions, location, collection, etc.)


When reviewing articles, blogs, or books, or referencing a text in any type of post, always give credit to the author by including in your post their name and the title of the text you are reviewing. If the text is untitled, put ‘Untitled;’ if the author is unknown, put ‘Unknown.’

What to include in a text’s citation:

  • Author
  • Book/Magazine/Blog etc.
  • Website or URL of online text

Digital Images

If you are not using your own original images, it is safest to use images from the public domain or creative commons. These images have no known copyright, or very few copyright restrictions that limit its use. Look for these symbols:

  • Public Domain:   , 
  • Creative Commons (may require you to cite the author): 

Here are some websites with collections of public domain and creative commons digital images:



When including in your post a digital image that you found online, do not alter the digital image in any way. The digital image being uploaded must be the same as the digital image you found on the third party website. Do not remove any watermarks or copyright symbols, crop, invert, fade, filter, or change the way the image looks in any way.