Protect Your Art Online

By posting your art on the internet, you make it easy for people to download or screenshot the digital image to use for themselves. It is illegal for someone to claim another person’s image or artwork as their own, but it happens all the time anyway.

Before uploading a digital image of your art to this site or anywhere else online, In-Art recommends taking special measures to protect yourself.


Identification and Attribution

Anytime you post your work online, give as much of your contact information as you can. List your name, website, email address, and/or social media profiles to give viewers and easy way to ask you for permission to use your art.

Use an identifying mark like a signature, stamp, or watermark on the artwork itself or on the digital image.


Copyright and Intellectual Property

Acquiring a copyright for the artwork is your safest bet. Register your work at the Copyright Office at the U.S. Library of Congress for an official certificate of registration. This gets filed online for the public record.


Image Quality

Upload small, low resolution images. Big, high definition images may look better and seem more professional, but don’t be tempted to post these everywhere online. If you sell high-quality prints of your works online, you shouldn’t let potential customers be able to print their own at home.


If you find your artwork on this site with an incorrect attribute, or if someone uses one of your artworks without your permission, please contact In-Art. In-Art complies with DMCA Take-down Notice guidelines.