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I’m after honest opinions on my work and how it comes across, I am a digital artist that has autism, I’ve always had an affinity with numbers and I basically see the world as numbers and fractals, I have tried for a very long time to explain this to people until about 5 years ago when I started creating artwork based on the way I saw things, a lot of people have looked at my work and commented, mostly positive, but then when they ask “where is that” and I tell them it’s all just numbers and doesn’t really exist they are blown away, how do you tell someone that what they think is a photograph…isn’t? how do you get it across to people up front that what they are seeing is a one off creation and not a photograph, personally I like the reaction when I tell them it’s not real but feel that a lot of people look and think “meh another photograph”, I feel that the key to people really getting it is to say up front somehow that it’s not real, but then you lose the impact of that discovery. Would really appreciate peoples thoughts.

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