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What are you favorite websites for art world news? Read More

Give Me A Title

What is a good title for this painting? 48”x62” oil on canvas artist:Robert Tokley Read More

Up For Interpretation

What do you think of this? (tempera and gold on wood) Read More


Who is your favorite Impressionist or Post-Impressionist? Read More

Family Photos

Do you like to take corny family photos? What do you think of them? Read More


Do you doodle in the margins of your notebooks? What do you doodle? Why do you doodle? Is it something that keeps your hands busy, helps you concentrate, capture artistic inspiration, or another reason?   Read More

Caption Contest

Whats a funny caption for this artwork? Read More


What first got you interested in art? A friend or family member, art class at school, a specific artist or artwork, a visit to a museum… how did it all start for you? Read More

Mandatory Art Class

Do you think a studio art class or an art history class should be required of college students? What about high school students? What kind of art class should be mandatory? Read More

Whats up with unlabeled artworks?

I know a lot of times that when people display art in their homes, they might not need a high quality label like in an art museum, if they decide to use a label at all. But what I don’t understand completely is why public works are often missing labels. Is there a reason for Read More

Artists Online

How do you advertise your artwork online? What advice do you have for artists looking to make a website, Facebook page, or Instagram account? Read More


Who are some artists to follow on Instagram? Read More

Abstract Art

How do you approach abstract art? What advice do you have for those who don’t “get it” or don’t like it?   Read More

1st Tattoo

What was (or, what will be) your first tattoo? How did you decide what to get, when to get it, and where to put it on your body? Read More