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What do you think of museums that have most of their collections in storage?   Photo: Visual Storage at V&A – 1 by Sarah Stierch [CC BY 2.0 (] Read More


Do I need to give more detail?

Hi, I’m after honest opinions on my work and how it comes across, I am a digital artist that has autism, I’ve always had an affinity with numbers and I basically see the world as numbers and fractals, I have tried for a very long time to explain this to people until about 5 years Read More

Studio Villa

To Artists: What would be your perfect studio space? Read More

What do you think

6 ft. X 13 ft. Read More

Only By Name

If you’re an artist, at what point did you start calling yourself an ‘artist’? If you’re not an artist, at what point do you call another person an ‘artist’? Read More

Art in V.R.

What do you think about looking at art through virtual reality technology? Do you think this technology would make more people interested in art? Do you think virtual reality could ‘replace’ a visit to a museum? Read More


Are infographics (graphs, charts, signs, diagrams) art? Are artists better at making infrographics than other people, such as scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians? Read More

Submerged Polar(?) Bear In Water

Hello – awhile back I came across a piece of artwork that I cannot relocate for the life of me. Please let me know if you know the name /artist of the piece I’ve described below. I would like to purchase! Subject: A fully submerged bear in water that looked like it was standing/floating on Read More


What is your opinion of art galleries being placed in working-class neighborhoods? Are they a sign of gentrification? Read More

Holiday Decorations

How do you decorate for the holiday season? What holiday decorations do you love and hate to see? Read More

Childrens Books

Which children’s book has your favorite illustrations? Read More

Art at Home

What your favorite artwork in your house? Take a picture and post it in the comments below. Read More

Album Covers

What are some interesting album covers? Post album art in the comments below. Read More

DJ Kohrin from work /Kohrin

Can you please give her a personality base on how you see her? Read More

Fluid Art

Is fluid art, paint pouring, or acrylic pouring a type of Abstract Expressionism? Read More

Nathaniel Hornsby

Selfies and Self Portraits

What is the difference between a selfie and a self portrait?   Image Credit: Nathaniel Hornsby (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) Read More

Everyone’s a Critic

To artists: how do you handle criticism? Read More

ARTificial Intelligence

If a person made a robot that makes art, would the artist be the robot or the person who made the robot? Read More

Museum Tours

Have you ever taken a docent tour at an art museum? Did you like it? Read More


Where did Inktober come from? How did it start? Image Credit: Dan Vazco (Instagram) Read More

“Pen” and “Paper”

Is it easy to transition from drawing with pens and pencils in a sketchbook, to using a tablet with a touch screen? Read More

Animation vs. Live Action

Do you prefer animated or live action television shows and movies? Which shows/movies? Does it depend on the genre? What types of animation? Read More

I’m confused

Do you ever confuse two artists who have similar looking artworks? Which artists? Read More

Linen or Canvas?

To painters: Whats the difference between painting on linen versus canvas? Read More

I’m Thinking….

Do you think in images or words? Read More