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About In-Art

In-Art uses the internet as a tool to include everyone in the discussion to define art. We want to transform the way people interpret visual culture and help people interact with the artworld. You can include yourself in this society that defines art by making your voice heard at In-Art. This website is a platform for anyone to talk about art and voice their comments, compliments, and criticisms.


include – (verb) encompassing everyone concerned, comprehensive

In-Art aims to make art history and art criticism more inclusive. We want to help debunk the idea that art is exclusively for certain elite parts of our society; established people are able to comment and criticize art; only scholars can contribute to art history; and only the opinions and perspectives of certain people matter. This site wants to include anyone who has an opinion about art, design, aesthetics, and visual culture, and wants a place to voice their thoughts. Everyone contributes to culture and is affected by art whether they realize it or not.


interpret – (verb) to understand as having a particular meaning or significance

In any other context, interpret would mean to attempt to explain something. With art, interpretation is much different. It doesn’t mean to give an all-encompassing explanation of the work and the artist’s every intention behind it. Although those are great questions to ask, the task is virtually impossible by anyone, even by artists themselves. Instead, art interpretation is a collection of subjective perspectives from numerous people.


interact – (verb) designed to respond to the commands, actions, and input of a user

In-Art runs on people’s input, involvement, and interactions, as well as their desire to talk about art in a place where they will be heard. People can interact with artworks, other users, and other platforms of art history and art criticism. In-Art wants to generate conversation online, aiming to get people to think about art more often from different perspectives and contexts.

In-Art was created by Rachel Winchester (info).
Special thanks to Emilio Garza (info) for web design consulting.